April A-Z, Historical Photographs, Letters E through G

This month we’re participating in the April A-Z blogging challenge. Never fear, our regularly scheduled podcast episodes will still release every other Thursday. In between those episodes, enjoy some historical photographs themed to the letter of the day. This page will be updated each day until we run through our letters for this batch, then there will be a podcast episode and we’ll start a new page with new letters. I hope this brings some new history resources to light for you!

E is for Easter

Okay, Easter was yesterday, but we’re all in an Easter mood still, I hope. I know there’s still Easter candy at my house and plenty of flowers.

“Easter flowers for sale in Union Square on Easter Sunday, New York”

Here’s some Easter flowers from 1908. Wouldn’t you like to buy your flowers out of a buggy?

Image Credit: Bain News Service, Library of Congress Collection

–April 6, 2015

F is for Fairbanks, Alaska

Remember the episode on women’s clubs we did a while back? Well, today I stumbled across a picture of a women’s club meeting place in Fairbanks sometime between 1911 and 1920.

Fairbanks sure looked different when Stephen and I went there on our honeymoon.

Image Credit: Curtis & Miller, Library of Congress Collection

–April 7, 2015

G is for Gardening

This time of year those of us in the Northern Hemisphere start thinking about planting and flowers and veggies, so let’s have a look back in time at a victory garden from 1942.

The original caption from the Library of Congress reads “Escambia Farms, Florida. Elena, Kitty, John, and George McLelland look over their Victory garden on a Sunday.” Looks like an impressive garden to me.

Image Credit: John Collier, Library of Congress Collection

–April 8, 2015

–Connie B. Dowell

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