April A-Z, Historical Photographs, Letters H through J

This month we’re participating in the April A-Z blogging challenge. Never fear, our regularly scheduled podcast episodes will still release every other Thursday. In between those episodes, enjoy some historical photographs themed to the letter of the day. This page will be updated each day until we run through our letters for this batch, then there will be a podcast episode and we’ll start a new page with new letters. I hope this brings some new history resources to light for you!

H is for Hand-Colored

This photo almost went under G for Gardens, but I couldn’t resist spotlighting the hand-coloring all on its own.

Whether done by watercolors, pencils, pastels, or ink, this is a look that’s always intrigued me, somewhere between not realistic enough and a little too realistic. I’d love to do a book cover in imitation of the style someday.

–Image Credit: Frances Benjamin Johnston, Library of Congress Collection

–April 9, 2015

I is for Ice

And what a lot of ice!

Shackleton and his crew had one heck of a job. I’m not sure at what point during the Endurance expedition this is, but boy does it look like an intense moment.

Image Credit: Underwood & Underwood, Library of Congress Collection

–April 10, 2015

J is for 4th of July 1905

Imagine having this as your 4th of July entertainment.

The original caption from the Library of Congress reads “The daring ride of Mrs. Eunice (Winkless) Padfield, July 4th 1905.” She seems like a lady with a fascinating story.

Image Credit: C. E. Holmbloe, Library of Congress Collection

–April 11, 2015

–Connie B. Dowell

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